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by Blackbird Raum

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released March 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Blackbird Raum Santa Cruz, California

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Track Name: Whitebled
black fly, white tile, bleed oil, red tile
I’ve been confused, and do not grieve to admit it
those who are so true convinced are standing on a leaking ship
concealed, by some hidebound definition, the sand we’re standing on will show us, that it’s not some rock that owns us
now, endless summer dries you up, underneath the browning sky
you live where birds don’t chose to fly
but I’ve seen, the rat among the dreams
the fly in every ointment and the crude oil in the cream

do not write lyrics for this song
I’d rather swing a sword of dust than blow the golden horn
“where did we go wrong?”
a cloud may wear a lining but still it holds a storm
and I know that nothing good is going to happen but I don’t know when.

The brown dove takes it’s flight
from the hotel parking lot
the others get bled white, and tagged when they are caught

behind the color chrome house
the calf is whining low
like a drunk who makes his crying
among the church’s silent rows

crossmaker wordtaker say
why not that heavy other way
out from the eye in a ray
why not that heavy other way

sensitive subject
no-one’s trying
any other way

men cost money
heavier the tomb

when I spit out the medicine, of the cross and weary way
and the fog lifts up and leaves us, we notice that it’s day
and every worn-in delusion is naked and exposed
the terrified myth is crownless, groundless, only feeling cold
Track Name: Last Legs
like tractionless wheels
they spin in place and throw up mud
the perforated lung
thick smoke presses down
it’ll be phoned in, the bogged down inertial stench
decaffeinated law, the mud makes motion low

what about the young, what about the young rat
decapitated dog, domesticated animal
bigmouth strikes again, burnt at the steak house
motivated sludge, ensorcelled hibernation

last legs
this is just the lag time, waiting for the other shoe to drop
i felt you trying to help me, but you only curse jewelry
what’s this dark miasma? what’s this foul pestilence?

the stagnant water builds
the sleeping sandless days that took, a broken rudder ship
buried in the shore again, buried in the couch forever,
englaciated way of life
obsolete machine
no more chances left.
Track Name: Grist Mill
do not set music to these words
the hour is late and there is no song I'd like to hear
open wires and not the others, red the wine and black the color
the time of the iceworm almost past

I'm in sudden trouble
breathing under ovens
like grist for the mill

give them more and more rye
in some infinite tithe
grist for the mill

will I be physically disfigured?
will i come to no conclusions?
grind the wheat and grind the rye
when it happens nothing

people try to change and stay the same
people try to stay the same and change
when it happens nothing
when it happens nothing

surely this must be a dream
a web of sleep still clings to me and I am lost
the sun is setting on a deeply stupid prophecy
and sends the knock-knees running to the temples

I've been drinking mare's milk from a toppled over house
gone from strutting like a rooster, to sulking like a louse
with a morbid attitude, the mirror does appraise
what comprises can be made in the passing of an age

we've become such clever swine, in the fitting of our masks
the costumes that we cling to and the burdens never asked
to tear away the apron of the butcher that you wear
the grim determination gone, the fragile system bare

for this privilege I would give, all the water on the sun
cuz i've been burning tickets like this day would never come (last legs)
it's opening it's mouth on us
like grist for the mill
Track Name: Reveille
in the valley of the lizards past the broken TV sets
a flower grows on top of a hill that’s never trampled yet

but the tread of tearing tires
and the smoke of leather fires
and the buzz of information in the air and in the wires

the sleepy old distraction of the glowing screen alone
under eyes of all the cameras you’re inclined to stay at home

and in a sweating shaking way it covers up my sight
and surrounds all with confusion in a greasy kind of light

the reveille blows
and everybody knows
but they still tell you
get up and start running
where the lily-wild grows
right under your nose
but I’ll still tell you
you better start looking.

the old face down decision, deciding to get up
or laying down defeated, befriend the chopping block

Now I will say it straightly so the message it is clear
we are like the silver birds in essence do appear

we are like the flightless birds in nature do abound
who’ve given up their soaring for security of ground

but the world is very long
security is short
the secret world is falling away, there's nothing left behind

the golden horn
the piebald one
coming in moon
coming in moon bullet and spoon

the burning grass
after the glass is covered in cracks
the dryest grass

never anymore
Track Name: Adder
an adder wrapped it's neck around me
the serpent in it's posture, is draining life from me
there is water at the bottom of the sea
beneath the plastic islands, and white chemical stream
I asked for water and they gave me gasoline
they said gasoline's expensive and water's often free
I asked for water and they gave me gasoline
I asked for water and they gave me gasoline
asked for a drink, they gave me turpentine
they put the spike into the wells and turned their money green
I asked for water and they gave me gasoline
If i were a bird a bull would step on me
he'd twist my nose and break up all my wings
the only thing left over would be the little song I sing
If I were a bull a butcher I would see
like an animal that's carved before he's free
but if I were a butcher, my apron would be clean
an adder wrapped it's neck around me
so that I will see the bad things that he sees
and when I'm too much like him, that's when he will eat me
Track Name: Hecatombe/Agustin’s
you’re like a doe giving her life
spoke through the air, killed with a knife
not for something greater than you.
we are a part of all this too.

What’s to see lying down on the block?
This one will die to save the flock

Martyred young one to save this home
alive with seeds alive with bones
Track Name: All That Praises Heaven Slanders Earth.
the sky is limitless but the land is not
the void is plentiful, the world is not

in the sky there is no chair
no throne among the starry vault
no king who does smile or frown
the watchful cosmic shepherd
is a vanity of man

the squalid and the devious
gives comfort to reward eternal
yet all that praises heaven slanders earth

living is no dreary chore
experience is not a veil

Circumstance my carve you wrongly
up to us to shape ourselves

with eyes upturned in fear the backhand
emperor can’t punish you

all that praises heaven slanders earth
the dictates of a vengeful father
2000 years of moral scorn

first the sword and then the book
one book to serve the conqueror
all that praises heaven slanders earth

the message in convenient doctrine
apologize for being born

in the land there is a willow
true survival’s only hope

life however great or mean
is the one and true reward